About Sun Haven Waldorf School

An anonymous benefactor has stepped forward and they are willing to match every dollar we earn in fund-raising and donations up to $20,000! (So every dollar you donate is doubled!)

Did you know that we have a unique and precious gem on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia that provides a huge benefit to our community? Sun Haven Waldorf School, a non profit society and registered charity, is a small independent school that is part of an international organization of independent schools which provide a time-honoured, internationally acclaimed, multi-faceted and enriched curriculum.

Sun Haven Waldorf School has offered a unique alternative to families on the Sunshine Coast for over fifteen years. Waldorf eduction is non-denominational and provides a holistic learning environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of each child. The school awakens and nourishes the imagination, creativity, curiosity and a life-long love of learning through a screen-free environment. It works actively to protect childhood as a time of gentle awakening in accordance with developmental stages of growth. It also fosters a reverence for the environment, compassion, empathy, creativity and innovation – qualities needed for the world of today and tomorrow.

As an independent school belonging to an international organization, we also are an economic generator. Sun Haven creates jobs and off-coast families move here expressly for their children to attend a Waldorf school. We also uplift the economic vitality of our community through nourishing child and family oriented festivals throughout the year as well as providing many other social, spiritual, artistic, health and cultural benefits to the entire Sunshine Coast Community.

Our school is currently in need of funding to sustain its operations through a transitional period of development. Thank you for considering to support an independent alternative for our children and families. Your donation will directly allowing us to complete our school year so that we may assist the local community at a grassroots level by developing our outreach and continuing to provide this integral option to families.


Sunshine Coast Cleanup - Melanie Behrner Challenge

A challenge by: Kylan Behrner and Family

Our family will collect litter on the Sunshine Coast for one hour per week for eight weeks!


Sunshine Coast Cleanup - Birkel-Milsted Challenge

A challenge by: Birkel Milsted

Our family will collect litter on the Sunshine Coast for one hour per week for six weeks!


Kindergarten -Four Weeks of Fairy Houses!

A challenge by: Sun Haven Waldorf

We will create a fairy house every school day for four weeks!


Class 1&2 - Four Week Poetry Balance!

A challenge by: Sun Haven Waldorf

Together we will recite a poem while balancing on a rocker board and tossing bean bags!